the creative spirit

As I’m writing this series, most of what I share is what I’m learning. Not things I’ve had a handle on for years or topics that I’ve considered and mulled over for months (or even weeks!)

Today I’m sharing something that has been brewing for a few days but came out this morning.


Like many of you, I listen to lies. Some of the lies I’ve made up myself. Some of them were once-truths that I continue to use to define myself. And some? I don’t know where they came from, but they linger.

And these lies really throw off my creative groove.

This morning, I asked God to show me the lies that I believe about myself. I found myself writing out this lie: I am a bad mother. No one has ever told me this lie. No one has ever even insinuated it. But I listen to it just the same.

Another lie? I am alone. This weekend proved otherwise, but I often forget or ignore others, telling myself that they don’t really care. How could they? So much self-deprecating here, folks.

Anything I do in reaction to this lie that isn’t proclaiming truth? That’s my cover-up. For me, that includes listing all the ways that I fail as a mom each day, believing that I’ll never do any better, and even avoiding my kids so that I don’t mess up their lives.

All of my parenting decisions are based around not being my own definition of a “bad mom” instead of honestly looking at what would be best for my kids or even, Heaven forbid, what God wants for them.

Healthy, yes?

Writing out my “cover-up” helped me to see that the attitudes that I’ve harbored and the ways that I’ve acted that frustrate me have most of their roots in this lie. By outing my lie and my cover-up, I uncovered the truth.

The truth? I mess up, but I apologize for it. I love my girls, so I can’t be a bad mom. And? I will never be everything my girls need or want. Only Christ will, so I point them to Him and rest in Him. Whether or not I “win” at motherhood isn’t the point. The point is that I only, ever, always point to Christ. No matter what parenting methods or mindset I adopt.

Y’all, I can’t even begin to explain how good today has felt. Just admitting these lies has been a huge burden lifted off of my shoulders.

And I want to let you in on a secret. You can be free of the lies too.

You can unmask them and start living in the truth.

You can remember that the One who created you made you for a purpose, for those good works that He prepared for you to do.

Here’s the deal, though. You have to keep reminding yourself of the truth. You have to continue to walk in freedom.

To help you (and me) remember the lies, I drew up this worksheet. And I’m excited to offer it as a PDF download for you! For free!


Click on the picture above and, if you’d like, you can print it off. I encourage you to pray about what lies you’re believing and then write the first one down. Then pray about the ways that you try to cover up your lie. And then? Let the Spirit show you the truth. The honest-to-goodness truth here. And then? Keep reading over it.

I’m learning that I can’t be very creative if I keep listening to the lies that bog me down. I can’t grasp the rope if I’m afraid of it, either.

And if I truly believe that He created all things, if I believe that He is working all things for my good and His glory, then I can believe that, yes, in this He is being glorified.

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