My One Word for 2015

the creative spirit


This is the time of year when everyone shares their “one word.” This is my fourth year choosing a word, and, honestly, it’s not one that I would have chosen. The past three years, I have prayed about my word, choosing the one that resonates with my spirit, even if I don’t fully understand. And that’s where this year’s word lands. In fact, while I could somewhat pinpoint what my word last year, shalom, might look like, it has nothing on this year’s word. Because this year, my word is prophetess.

This is what I know about prophets in the New Testament: they proclaim the word of God. Period. It’s usually in the form of an uplifting or encouraging word, something that builds up the church. This is where, I believe, this year will be camped out at. Lifting up, building up. When I see it written out like that, it’s not nearly as scary.

So here, on this little blog, I’m going to be lifting up, building up, and encouraging.

Here’s how it’s going to look for the next 31 weeks. (Yes, 31 weeks.) I am going to share something I’m calling The Creative Spirit. These are my thoughts on what it means to team up with the Holy Spirit to create. Whether it’s writing, painting, drawing, or even baking, the art that we create is meant to be more than just a meditative experience. It’s meant to be communion between us and our Creator.

Beyond and between that, I have no plans.

I’m excited to see how this plays out. Leave any questions or comments and I may use some of it for this series. Because I seriously have no idea where any of this is going.

For more on The Creative Spirit, click here.


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