4 Ways to Get the Word in You

I’m a huge fan of memorizing Scripture. Not because I’m such a strong Christian but because I’m so weak.


Unless I have the Word running through my mind like a piece of floss, removing the plaque and the bits of food, I forget. Gross, right? But true.

Paul likened the Law (the first 5 books of the Bible) to a tutor, showing us what is right and wrong, ultimately leading us to Christ.

With 3 kids under 4, I don’t always have time to sit and meditate on the Word like I would prefer. I get creative, though, and I thought I’d share a few of the ways that I work on getting those verses into my mind.

1. Write it out

If a verse sticks out to me when I’m reading the Bible, I write it down in a large 3-subject notebook. Sometimes I write down a prayer about it. Sometimes I write out a response to it. Sometimes I just write down the verse. I’m both a visual learner and a kinesthetic learner, so this plays into how I learn. If I write it down, I’m much more likely to remember it.

2. Write it up

I have a chifferobe beside the door in our kitchen. I can see it when I’m washing dishes, cooking, grabbing a snack, getting a drink, getting the girls ready to go, or when I’m about to leave the house. It has two mirrors on it. I bought a chalkboard marker earlier this year, and I use it to write verses or thoughts on those mirrors. Sometimes I get really crazy and write out hymn lyrics or a really great quote. The point is that it’s uplifting and encouraging. I think every kitchen should have a scripture mirror in it.

3. Draw it out

Some verses just ask to be written in fancy lettering with colors and designs. Or maybe added to a pretty background or picture. Some verses ask to be hung up, colored on, printed out, and written on the walls of our hearts. I’ve used different fonts and printed them off. I’ve added graphics on the computer and crayons on the paper. I’ve used apps on my phone and paint on canvas. I’ve used Sharpie pens and paint markers. Whatever you can use, whatever you have on hand, just get it out.

4. Repeat, repeat, repeat

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got this verse in four different places, if you’re not repeating it to yourself or ignoring it altogether (ahem, guilty), it won’t work. Keep repeating the verse or verses. While you’re washing dishes, folding laundry, driving, whenever you have a minute (or can think straight) just repeat it. Once, twice, or a few times. As you think through the verses, the Spirit will show you where it applies in your life and how to work it out.

I hope this encourage you in your Scripture memorization. This is definitely not an exhaustive list, and I’m sure there are hundreds of other ways to get the Word in your mind. What way works for you?


Have a thought? Let me know!

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