Moving On

RMovingOnBy the time that the clouds declared God’s love for me, Drew and I had already decided to leave the church where we served. It was a gut-wrenching decision, especially since we had made such close friends in the youth group. However, we had changed over the last months, and we needed a change in our lives.

Instead of serving a church, Drew started working with his dad, who owned several radio stations. We drove four and a half hours to the mountains every Friday and again every Sunday, laying the ground work for what we hoped would be a step into making and producing videos. The weekends were times when I would try to unwind, when Drew and I would talk out our dreams on the road, and when I tried to suppress the fears that were taking shape inside of me.

During this time, I was also student teaching and trying to prepare lesson plans. My weeks were chaotic, and my weekends were crazy. I never seemed to be able to find time to work on anything, and everything felt like it was falling apart. I finally scraped together a two-week lesson plan, but when I actually put it in place, none of what I had planned worked out. I spent that week revising, reworking, and re-editing everything to make it more accessible for the seventh graders I had the pleasure of teaching.

The one thing I learned from the entire semester (other than I was not meant to teach seventh graders in bulk) is that even the most annoying, most frustrating person in the entire class can surprise you. On the last day that I was there, that very student came up to me and prayed for me before leaving. It’s still a sweet, sweet balm to my soul.

That semester was one of healing in slow, steady degrees. We walked away from college with big dreams and big uncertainties. The week after we graduated, we spent some time with my parents. During this time, I read Psalm 37. God showed me the word rest over and over while I read the chapter, and His Spirit breathed it into me like a promise…rest.

Rest from the work of the past semester. Rest from the constant driving, the constant upheaval. Rest from the worries and the fears. Rest in Me.

My soul was thankful for this call, and I vowed to do just that.

This post is part of a 31 Days series on Raising My Ebenezer, part of my story and my own testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness. As the song Come Thou Fount says, “Here I raise my Ebenezer, hither by Thine help I’m come.” For the month of October, I’ll be writing our story, outlining the Ebenezers in recognition of His mighty hand on our lives. His doings and His workings because of and sometimes in spite of our best efforts. My hope is that you’ll see a lot of Him and little to none of me. Because in the end, it is by His help that we have come this far.


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