Raise My Ebenezers

RaiseMyEbenezerI have tried several times to get this story out. Many times in many ways. I’ve alluded to it on Instagram. I’ve shared parts of it with others, sometimes landblasting them with the scope and the pain of it all. I’ve whispered parts of it in hushed tones, hoping that the listener would be gracious.

As I write these words, I can see how God has drastically changed me over the past eight years. I was a freshman in college then, uncertain about the road ahead. Now, I’m a seasoned wife and mother to three girls and two angel babies. It’s more than becoming a wife and mother, though. Much, much more.

Since I met Drew, our life has been a series of events that only God could orchestrate into something good. It’s a story that I have started, stopped, and let simmer, all the while not realizing that it was still happening. Honestly, it’s still happening. Bits and pieces will always be left loose and hanging, I think, until we see the end result in Heaven.

I can’t explain why I am writing this now. I only know that when God leads, I may question and fear, but I also obey. When He leads, we follow.

For the month of October, I’ll be writing our story, outlining the Ebenezers in recognition of His mighty hand on our lives. His doings and His workings because of and sometimes in spite of our best efforts. My hope is that you’ll see a lot of Him and little to none of me. Because in the end, it is by His help that we have come this far.


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