Hello Again!

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. Just a bit. There’s been a lot that has happened. I found myself pregnant for the fifth time about a month after my last post. We’re expecting our third girl (all 3 and under!!) right around our second’s second birthday, and we’re so excited about it! I’m currently 21 weeks, which is what I see as halfway through my pregnancy. (With my second going 11 days past her due date, I need the extra padding of days!)

On top of that, my mom recently realized that she had been running from God and started running to Him! It has been amazing to see, to watch, and to just sit back and praise God for answering all of those prayers said on her behalf! I can honestly say that I have seen a restoration of “the years the locusts have eaten,” and we’re praying that God continues to redeem my parents.

I have also seen a renewed discipline in my own life. From daily chores to making the extra effort to wear my girls out, things have been running more smoothly in the Smith household than they have in a long time. Can I just take a minute here to say that it’s all been God? Every bit of it. I have had no self-motivation in my own life for years, but now? I have a direction. A mission. And our days, though still full of strife and frustrations, are getting better. Which is honestly why I’m even posting right now. I can because I have taken the time to build up the small kingdom I have been blessed with here, and now I can sort out my thoughts here.

I have no idea what this blog holds. I have grand visions of me sharing my passion for God and home, but I’m learning to let go of the plans I have dreamed. God alone knows what will happen here, and I’m okay with that. My own voice is still finding its cadence, and I imagine it will be the same here. Though I wouldn’t be too upset if I started sharing some of the things that are helping me to worship here in my home.

Maybe that’s a good place to end. Some of the grace-gifts that God has given us today already.

*hearing my girls yell and giggle as they played at the park

*watching them run around and around with a little girl they just met

*the wild grace that it was with a black girl (coming from a long line of racists…)

*feeling baby girl #3 kick and squirm daily now

*a beautiful spring morning, filled with plenty of wildflowers and sunshine

*working on limiting my projects and doing a few things well

*our Psalm 100:4-5 print hanging up, reminding me to praise our God

*releasing my fears and frustrations to God alone…making His will my goal, no matter what





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