How to rock your world with thankfulness

Yesterday, my favorite blogger, Ann Voskamp, asked, “What if the question isn’t, ‘What am I thankful for?’ but rather, ‘What am I going to do because I am thankful?‘”

In a world filled with posts on “How to feel thankful right now” and pins a plenty on ways to make Thanksgiving meaningful, it seems that we are, in fact, looking for more. Not just, “This is what I’m thankful for,” but how does thankfulness, gratitude, permeate our lives?

Does it really make a difference? Or is it a quick fix, another form of a “happy pill?”

I guess it depends on the thanks giver and the object of gratitude. Could it be that our object of thanks dictates how gratitude affects daily life?

Abby and Lily 2012 784

I’m pacing back and forth on our front porch, frantic for answers, spilling out the questions that have been on my heart for days. Asking, searching, seeking.

Back and forth at a breakneck speed, each step of my foot, each wave of my arm showing the frenzy of my thoughts. Because I need peace.

I stop. The answers come as the spilling flows out of my mouth, and I have peace in this: All things are from and for and to and through Him.

From and for and to and through.

From and for and to and through.

There is nothing I do, nothing I am, nothing I create, nothing I accomplish apart from this.

My heart stops racing as I repeat this mantra, this motto, this chorus. I can breathe again, and I do. From and for and to and through.

Nothing apart from. Nothing at all. From and for and to and through.

And, oh, I can rest in this.

This object of my thanksgiving, of thankfulness, of gratitude? It’s not just a mindless liturgy of thanks. This object is a Person. And when I am thankful from and for and to and through? I find peace.

All things from…it reshapes my thanking.

All things for…it reshapes my direction.

All things to…it reshapes my object.

All things through…it reshapes the pathway.

And all of this reshaping reshapes my world, creeping into every nook and cranny, until my world is rocked from the changes.