Five-Minute Friday: Beauty

Such a timely topic! I have to say that these short posts are the highlight of my week. Just writing bits of my heart and learning how to say exactly what I mean the first time…it’s both relaxing and therapeutic! 🙂

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There is beauty in the everyday, the routine, the set times and set activities. There is a simplistic, restful way about rhythms and predictability.

There is also beauty in the tragic, the times in life where our muscles are pulled from our bones and life hurts. So deep, so painful, and we wonder if there will ever be beauty again.

Times when this world takes its toll, times when life seems unbearable. When the hard, dark questions rise and the soul longs to know if there truly is beauty or if it’s all just a facade.

I know so many people right now where their lives seem so dark, ugly, and beauty sounds like a myth. But this is the lie that we have heard and believed for so long. Just a lie.

Tomorrow shows what today truly held, and in the midst of suffering, torment, hurt, and anguish, the soul is made pure, beautiful, and whole. The refiner’s fire hurts, burns, and seems to steal away the beauty, but in reality the impurities are being scraped away and what is left is more beautiful than anyone could have ever imagined.

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Let me leave you with this thought: no matter where your life seems to be right now, beautiful or ugly, remember that God is faithful, and He is always making us into His Son’s beautiful image.


3 thoughts on “Five-Minute Friday: Beauty

  1. Rebekah {honeyandcheese} says:

    THIS is beautiful. I was particularly drawn to the phrase, “Tomorrow shows what today truly held.” Being in the midst of the hurt or the trials, we're too close to the flames to see what they're burning away. It's in the looking back, reflecting on what was and no longer is, that we can see the Refiner's fire at work.

    Thank you for sharing this.

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