Can a Woman Forget her Nursing Child?

In case you missed the memo, this past week was World Breastfeeding Week. I’m not going to go into all of the reasons why it’s great or why I love it. Not even on factoid! (Seriously, I promise!) I did want to share this post that I wrote for my (ultra-time-consuming) other blog, Sisters ‘N Cloth. (The one where I would readily post facts and reasons, if you’re into those.) So without further ado, my post for this past week’s Worship Wednesday. 

“Can a woman forget her nursing child,
    or lack compassion for the child of her womb?
    Even if these forget,
    yet I will not forget you.”
Isaiah 49:15
Because it happens to be World Breastfeeding Week, this verse seems fitting. But because of other events this week, it seems even more fitting.
Melissa introduced me almost two months ago to a little baby, born almost 8 weeks ago with Trisomy 18. This little boy, Tate, lived for over 7 weeks with this genetic disease, defying so many odds. When his mother went in to have her 6 week checkup, her doctor mentioned that it must be hard for her to make the visit. She was amazed to find out that, no, this checkup was not difficult because her boy was still alive. Yes, he is gone now. But Tate has touched countless lives with his and his mother’s and father’s testimony. They trusted in God to heal their boy, and He did heal him to the fullest when He brought Tate home with Him in Heaven. But not only did God heal Tate, He also allowed for him to be loved, cherished, and nurtured by his family for over 7 wonderful weeks. God is so good! Tate went home to Heaven on Saturday, carried by many prayers.
Another baby, Everett, never saw the light of day. His mother went for another checkup just after his due date in February and found that he had already died. She delivered him the next day and has carried him in her heart since. Her pregnancy had been completely normal, no complications whatsoever. Nothing at all even hinted that something could go wrong. But when it did, she and her husband fell in God’s embrace, constantly reminding themselves of God’s goodness, His mercy, and His love. It’s been five months since they buried their son, and they are rejoicing today because, in God’s great love, He has given them another baby. And while they are so cautious, they can still rest in Him, knowing that He loves them and that every day with this baby is a gift.
There are so many times in life when it feels like God has abandoned us. There are wars, famines, hurts, death, and it seems that God couldn’t be in them. That He must not love us enough or He would do something about it. We may think, “Babies dying? Come on, God, how is that just? How is it right when their parents are faithful? You have a twisted sense of justice…” But the verse above? Remember what it says? Even if it were possible for these mothers who have lost their children, the children of their wombs, God would still not forget us!
I pray that as you nurse your child this week, that you will remember the great love that God has for each one of us. As far-fetched as it may seem, He loves us more than the love you have for your child. Even as you nurse. And that, my friend, is pretty spectacular.
If you’d like to read more about Tate’s story and learn how to pray for his family, you can visit his mother’s blog here. To read Everett’s story from the “start,” you can visit his mother’s blog here, or if you’d like to read her announcement post and rejoice with her, you can read it here.


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