Five Minute Fridays: Whole

I have been woefully neglecting this little blog. I hate how inconsistent I’ve become with it, but I also know that this is a growing and a stretching of myself. Hopefully I will be able to come back more regularly soon, but until then, I believe that Five-Minute Fridays may be my best bet at staying sort of regular. šŸ™‚

This week’s Five Minute Friday topic is whole. Five minutes, no editing, no worrying about how right it sounds or how creative (or not) it is. Just writing to write…and then sharing the writing love with fellow bloggers.


Whole? What is whole?

I, for one, have had fleeting moments when I have felt whole. I’ve been nit-picked, hurt, and have felt very un-whole for so many days. Losing myself in the “what I’m not,” forgetting the “what I am.” Wholeness does not come easily for me.


I am whole, I am complete in Christ. I am a new creation. And my wholeness is not found in what I say or do (or what I don’t say or do). Wholeness is found in Christ. In grace.

I trust this, I believe this, but it still takes a lot of courage for me to be whole. For me to live this knowledge.

I’m working on it. Slowly working, slowly thanking, slowly becoming the woman I need to be. The woman He has made me. The woman He is making me.

Wholeness. Complete.

The circle starts again, mother bearing daughter. The circle is made whole. The girl is made woman. And the wholeness begins to fill.

I work at being whole for her. I work at this wholeness, laboring daily so that she may have life. Life. Wholly living on grace.


Abiella, “God is My Father”

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Fridays: Whole

  1. Val says:

    Just smiling for having read this. This is so much the sort of thing that I've been struggling with myself lately. We ARE complete in Him. RIGHT NOW. I forget that! Even though I feel so unwhole. Even though I feel such a miserable mess we have already been made perfect. And yes, we strive to live in that wholeness for our children… and yes thing bring us full circle. Thank you so much for these words today.

    This is only my second Five Minute Friday and it's really helped me remember that I DO love to write and that I don't have to force it. There are words in us and they can and will bubble up.

    Walking with you in the journey.


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