Gifts on a Sleepless Monday

It’s been another long night. My husband is now sick, and Abby kept us both up last night. She just doesn’t want to sleep! The congestion, her acid-reflux, and teething are a mean match for my little one. So I let her sleep on my chest again, her poor little body finally giving in to rest (for at least an hour). Of course, this means that I cannot sleep a wink. I’ve never been one to sleep on my back (also possibly why I didn’t sleep much in the hospital…)

Little One, just a few years ago, I would have given anyone that woke me up a look that killed. No, that’s not true. I would give anyone who woke me up but you a look that could kill. But you? You need me. To cuddle, to rest, to sleep. And your daddy needs me to take care of you so he can rest. This selfless thing is getting a little easier, but only because I put it into practice daily. Only because I daily have to put aside myself for you. And even when you don’t nap, won’t nap, hate me leaving you (even just to grab a cup of coffee!), and can’t abide being in another room, I know it’s worth it. I know it’s not only for your benefit, but also for mine. And even when I feel like I could sleep for days, when a 2-hour nap satisfies, when I almost miss the newborn days, I will choose to love, to serve, to give of myself. To pluck just a little more of myself out for you. To show you God.

Counting the gifts on this sleepless day:

naps, however short
seeing that gorgeous smile…makes this all worth it

making her smile through the tears
a husband feeling just a little better
14 beautiful, life-changing weeks
having a few moments to clean up
knowing that all of this is worth it
watching her figure out how to pull, how to grab
big, beautiful blue eyes that speak louder than words ever could
connecting with friends on pinterest
four (!) giveaway gifts
Celtic hymns playing on itunes
the certain peace that comes from true faith…no matter the circumstances
sugar plum spice tea…so soothing!
the two of us, cuddled at night


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