Is It Tuesday Already??

Oh wow. To say that it’s been a long week so far is an understatement! I’m still thinking it’s Monday…

Sunday, we traveled down to Jackson to have Abiella dedicated at my dad’s church. It was so sweet being able to publicly show that we have given her to God on Mother’s Day, a day that for the previous two years has been so very hard. I will not say that this is my first Mother’s Day, even though it is my first to celebrate with a child (which has made the past two years quite awkward…) It’s my third. Just like Abiella is my third child, even if the world sees “just” one. Yet I am thankful, so thankful, for the many reminders of my other two children…even down to the dragonflies on Abby’s pacifier. Their lives have changed me in ways I’ll never fully understand, and I am so grateful to be their Mama.

We got home after midnight on Sunday, and when I woke up Monday morning, I was most definitely feeling under the weather. Allergies can be so annoying! Thankfully I slept most of it off today (I even grabbed a quick nap this afternoon!), and I think the dreamlike state is over. I hope so, anyway. It was so bad that as I was writing down my gift-count, I could not think of any words at all! I’m still pretty loopy, but things are looking up for the most part.

I am thankful for so much, even in my allergy-head-cold state.
Like caffeine that clears my head enough to think semi-clearly!
And definitely the time that I was able to spend with my family. The times are too few and too short lately!
I’m also thankful for Drew’s family driving down to Jackson to be part of Abby’s dedication, even if they were late. Their commitment to us and to Abby is truly humbling.
Sunny days that shine the brightest light into the living room.
Abby sleeping soundly (apparently her gums have been bothering her lately and I’m just now noticing!)
Homemade laundry detergent that works really well!
Homemade cloth diaper detergent that won’t leave residue on my diapers!
The way that my mind is/isn’t working…I’m pretty sure that this post is one of the most random yet!
The Envibum diaper that I won! Free diapering for my little girl? Yeah…definitely made my day!! And this company is just awesome! Love that they’re Christ-based and that they donate $2 from every order to different organizations (including Crisis Pregnancy Center!)
Also for the hairbow set that I won…too sweet!
For dresses and blankets and sewing adventures…
For big, big smiles from my sweet girl…
For Coca-Cola goodness that helps me get through the day…
For pink toenails and clean hair in a ponytail…
For her reaching and grabbing and holding on tightly…
For the wonderful words my husband tells me, much more meaningful than any card could be…
For all of the dirty, yucky, coma-inducing, seemingly-endless days of new motherhood and the love that pours out…
For realizing that I still have a major attachment to my flats over fancy diapers…
For all the goodness and love poured out on wretched, horrid me.
Lord of all, to Thee I raise this, my hymn of grateful praise!


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