Mantra of a Stay-at-Home Mom

When I started this post, I had spent one day at home. One half-day with little fussing and plenty of Daddy time.

Yep. It was a good day. I had a very attentive baby who enjoyed Bible story time, watched without a fuss as I cleaned her room, and in general let me do what I wanted.

Then yesterday came. Yesterday, with its extra-fussy, extra-tired, no-naptime baby who mysteriously took the place of my usually content daughter. It was all I could do to get a meal together so that I could eat, much less spend any time to myself! She even cried when I went to the bathroom! By the time Daddy came home, I was more than ready to hand her over to him just so that my arms could get a rest. Yep. Yesterday.

Yesterday challenged what I had wanted to say two nights ago. I had wanted to say that as long as I have my daughter to keep me entertained, as long as I am privileged to teach her, then I would have no problems staying at home and exploring her small world with her. And I still think that, to some extent.

But I also realize that I need adult conversation, I need breaks from watching my daughter all the time, and I need the ability to grow in more ways than as a mother. I realize that my little girl will only be this little for a short time, and I do intend to make every minute count. I intend to fully enjoy her, to count the many blessings God gives me as I watch her grow up, and to love her unconditionally (yes-even if she does keep my baths short and my hair unruly) because I do know what it’s like to crave these moments and not have them. Oh, I would most definitely trade all of the free time, all of the me time, just to have these precious minutes. As long as some of these minutes are sprinkled with Daddy time, Mimi time, Gigi time.

I can’t do this alone, as much as I would love to. For the times when I have to, though, I will definitely count the blessings in it, see the small joys that are mine alone, and praise God for the chance to influence this life.

(Side note: I am anxiously waiting for Five Minute Friday! Seriously giddy to start some sort of plan to get me writing more.)
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